Academic Year Parking Registration (Fall 2023 & Spring 2024)

by Student Administrative Services (SAS)

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Tue, Aug 1, 2023 12:00 PM –

Sun, Dec 31, 2023 1:00 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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By completing this form and registering your vehicle, you are agreeing to the Loyola University Parking Rules & Regulations (  You will be redirected to this site after completing the registration as well.  

Resident Overnight Students: The fee for resident undergraduate student for the full academic year is $500, which will be due at the time of vehicle registration. 
A lottery, based on class seniority, will be used to determine parking locations for all Residential Overnight Students parking in the following convenience lots – Westside, Eastside, Rahner, & Aquinas.  Seniors will be given priority, followed by juniors, then sophomores. Once the lots have reached capacity, all remaining students who register will be assigned parking at the satellite lots, either North Campus (FAC) or 5104 York Road (Motorpool) on a space available basis, determined by the fall housing assignments.  To be considered for the lottery, registration must be received by June 30th.  

First year residential students ARE NOT eligible for parking unless a prior approval has been granted.

***Westside residential lots are full as of 7/20/23; all students registered after that date will be assigned to FAC***
***Rahner residential lot is full as of 7/31/23; all students registered after that date will be assigned to Eastside (McAuley/Ahern)***
***Aquinas residential lot is full as of 8/23/22; all students registered after that date will be assigned to 5104 York Rd.***

Commuter Students: Commuter students have 3 options to choose from:
 -Daytime parking: located at the North Campus (FAC), Cathedral, and 5104 York Rd lots from 6:00 AM - midnight for $125.
 -Convenience parking: available to park at the lots in McAuley, Ahern, Newman, Campion, and Gardens for $325 between the hours of 6:00 AM - midnight.  Overnight parking is not allowed and this option is limited to the first 25 students registered and paid.  
 -Overnight Parking at 5104 York Rd for $500. 

First year commuter students ARE eligible for parking.  

Spring Study Abroad: Students studying abroad in the spring semester, who will be attending classes in Baltimore for the fall semester, should follow the instructions for Resident Students above and pay the full fee. In December you will be automatically refunded 50%, unless the programs are cancelled and/or you will remain in Baltimore.

Fall Study Abroad: Students studying abroad in the fall semester and who will be returning to Baltimore for the spring, should not register for parking now.  A spring semester only registration site will open during the fall semester, you will be notified of the link via email at a later date.  

Please note: All parking on campus is head in only.  Do not back in to spots.  

All parking permits will be sent to the student's on campus mail stop and should be applied to the vehicle as soon as possible during the first week of classes.  

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