2021 Evergreen Reference Form

2021 Evergreen Reference Form

On behalf of the Office of Student Engagement, Messina, and the Evergreen Program at Loyola University Maryland, thank you for taking the time to fill out this reference for our Evergreen candidate. This candidate has selected you as a reference who can comment on their general character and motivation to apply for the Evergreen position. This is a confidential reference, so we ask that you give your honest opinions and feedback which will assist us with our decision making process. Applications submitted without a reference will not be considered.

Successful Evergreen candidates will be able to:
-Demonstrate the ability to serve as a support and resource to assist new students in their transition to the Loyola community by following up with student progress, issues, and concerns throughout the year.
-Serve as a positive role model for new students and as an outstanding member of the Loyola University Maryland community.

A complete position description can be found at bridge.loyola.edu/evergreens. *Note: By sending you this link, the student has WAIVED their right to review this reference.*

If you have any questions about the reference form or the Evergreen position, please email Ben Cowman, Associate Director of Student Engagement at brcowman@loyola.edu.

Important Information about the next question. Please rate the candidate's abilities in the following areas. You may include any comments or additional information in a separate document at the bottom of this form.