Campus Activities Board (CAB)

We provide Loyola students with fun & engaging Late Night events!

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About Us

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a student-run organization that strives to enhance the Loyola student experience through planning and promoting a wide range of social, cultural, recreational, and educational on-campus programs. CAB is responsive to student interests with a primary goal of creating a dynamic, lively campus social environment.

Our Team

Yassy Ayala
First-Year Representative
Ryan Busby
Amaris Greene
Vice President of Events
Heidi Chow
Vice President of Marketing
Kara Meenan
Entertainment Coordinator
Jess Lelli
Marketing and Social Media
Eisa Abu-Sbaih
Marketing and Social Media
Adrianna Cader Melendez
Student Body Liaison
Dylan Weinstock
Graduate Assistant
Brittany Richmond-Davis
Assistant Director of Student Engagement