Apply for Evergreens

Preparing Your Application

The Evergreen Application is now closed. If you already applied, the Reference Form is available until Wednesday, January 26th. You will need to send the link to your  references to complete.

Short Essays

  • Write your response to two short essays. They should be clearly labeled as separate essays within one document). Label each essay with the question prompt and number listed above each section. Also include your name in the top left corner of your document.
  • You will be asked to upload your responses in a Word or PDF document (do not upload a Pages file). Use no more than 500 words PER response for EACH of the following questions.
  • 1) What is your general understanding of the Evergreen position and how is an Evergreen important to a new student's transition to Loyola and to the larger Loyola community?
  • 2) What are some unique qualities or characteristics that make you stand out from your peers and how might those qualities or characteristics be an asset to the Evergreen program?

Your Headshot

  • Upload a headshot of yourself. This should be a clear picture. Please do not submit a blurry or pixelated photo or we will ask you to resubmit. JPEG or PNG files will be accepted.

Short Video

  • Create a short video (less than two minutes). This video is intended to be a creative work/expression that responds to the following prompt: How would you best assist new students in transition?
  • Your video submission is your opportunity to show us who you are and your creativity. Examples of your video might include: directly answering the question, performing a skit, reciting a poem, singing a song, or having someone interview you (talk show format).
  • After creating a YouTube account and recording your video, follow these steps:
  • 1. Click the "create" icon in the top right of the screen (camera icon with a plus in the center)
  • 2. Click "upload video"
  • 3. Select your video
  • 4. Set your title as "Evergreen Candidate Video-*Your last name*"
  • 5. Under the visibility options, choose "unlisted". This ensures that only those who you send the video link to will be able to see your video
  • 6. Copy the video link to submit
  • 7. Save video

Your References

  • You'll need two references from people who know you well. It is your responsibility to email the references this link AND confirm with them that it was completed. We request that at least one reference be a Loyola faculty member or administrator.
  • If you are a first year student, you cannot ask your Evergreen for a reference as we will coordinate with your Evergreen for a reference on your behalf – this will serve as a third reference for your application.

**Note – by sending the reference link, you WAIVE YOUR RIGHT to review the reference.