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Collaborate with a team to complete projects with a variety of local Baltimore small businesses and start-ups

Grow through seminars, workshops, and guest speakers that have years of industry experience and expertise

Gain real-world experience while improving business development skills that set you apart during the hiring process

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Success Stories from Our Students

"My experience working with LCG helped me a lot throughout the interview process. I was able to relate my experience with consulting and how I can bring my skills to the firm if I were to be hired."

Cynthia E.

"Working with LCG was such a fulfilling journey. I gained hands-on consulting experience with real local professionals, which helped me prepare for the transition into the postgraduate workforce. LCG allowed me the opportunity to conduct meaningful work within the Baltimore community, whilst developing my skill set. I wholeheartedly recommend getting involved with LCG to any Loyola student looking to expand their horizons and engage in an enriching experience."

Dante P.

"LCG allowed me to develop myself as a leader and problem-solver by working directly with businesses in need while growing my network in and outside Loyola. The trust that LCG has built with our community of entrepreneurs is incredible, and getting to work with them directly is something every student should try to experience. The work I did with LCG was also extremely valuable for internship and job hunting as I often spoke about the challenges that my team overcame while working through our projects."

Eric G.

"Loyola Consulting Group has allowed me to obtain a hands on work experience, where I learned how to help solve any problems a small business may incur. I have learned the value of teamwork, and how important it is to share and listen to different perspectives in order to be successful. LCG has allowed me to become a better person both inside and outside of the classroom, and has given me the opportunity to help the Baltimore community!"

Raquel B.

"LCG allowed me to gain a unique experience with client relations. It was a great opportunity to learn about professional communication and interacting with real businesses. It was amazing to see the impact our club had on local baltimore businesses. LCG was a significant factor in my interest in the consulting field post-graduation."

Bella L.

"The best feeling about being a part of LCG is how much more confident I feel about my future business endeavors, everything you learn in your classes finally starts to make sense because your actually using those skills in a real world business project and helping a client's business to its best success. I also gained new skills such as working with a team and professionalism. The final deliverable is always something to be proud of and awesome conversation for job interviews!"

Lauren F.

"Through LCG we discovered our clients' needs and got busy working on ways to solve them. My weeks were filled with client meetings, team breakfasts, and a multitude of interesting projects. Overall, I was fortunate to gain experience in communicating professionally, solving real-world problems, and finding a love for the world of consulting."

Arianna M.

"I loved getting the experience to work with owners of small businesses around Baltimore and hear about how they uniquely run their businesses. I enjoyed getting to see what some real-world consulting interactions are like, even if it was on a smaller scale."

Maeve O.

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    Lead a team of 6-8 analysts in solving real-world business challenges and serve as the main point of contact between your team and client.

  2. 2


    Collaborate with 5-7 team members to research, diagnose, and solve small business challenges through a semester-long project.

  3. 3


    Attend meetings, networking opportunities, and speaker events.

LCG's Membership Structure

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