Club Funding

  • Funding from Student Government Association

    Registered Student Clubs & Organizations are eligible to apply for funding from SGA Appropriations. The SGA Finance Committee meets every Tuesday and requests need to be submitted 2 weeks in advance.

  • Funding Request for Evening/Weekend Programming

    If your event meets the criteria below, you are eligible to apply for Weekend Programming funding! The Weekend Programming Committee requires proposals to be submitted 3 weeks prior to your event. Submit your Proposal

    • Event is Friday evening/night or any time on a Saturday
    • Event is open to ALL Loyola students
    • Event has a social component
  • Education for Life Funding

    The Education for Life committee (EFL) allocates funds to support educational and diversity programming outside of the classroom. Committee members review and evaluate the merits of proposals and determine appropriate amounts of funds to be allocated to a particular program.

  • Fundraising Guidelines

    Have questions about fundraising? Please refer to Section Four: Procedures for Conducting Organization Business and Activities in the Club/Organization Handbook. If you have further questions after reading the information, please contact us.

  • Financial Assistance

    Groups with existing budgets or money from fundraisers can request purchasing assistance using the Financial Assistance Form. This form is also used to request a money box or assistance in setting up an e-commerce store.