Resources for Club Moderators

  • Moderator Verification Form

    Club moderators should fill out the Moderator Verification form during every club re-registration period (every March/April) and at any point where there is a change in club moderator. Student Engagement should always have an updated copy. This form asks moderators to formally commit to the role of moderator for a club(s).

  • Club Moderator One-Pager (Expectations and Responsibilities)

    Student Engagement's expectations of club moderators are detailed in the following one-pager. Please note, club leaders and moderators should work together to determine the most appropriate level of moderator engagement with the club.

  • Moderator Expectations Checklist

    Moderators and student leaders are encouraged to use the resource below to determine expected involvement of the moderator in the club over the course of the academic year. Needs can change year over year, so we encourage moderators and student leaders to revisit this exercise often.

  • Moderator Monthly Email

    As a club moderator, you are added to an email list and will receive monthly emails from Student Engagement (via The Bridge) called the Moderator Monthly. These emails are meant to be your go-to for all things club updates - from what students are expected to be doing/working on, to reminders and best practices.

    You can also expect an increase in emails during the club re-registration period, typically held in March-April of each year.